Snapshot of Iran Mining Industry

With a Population of 78 Million peoples: Most of them young and well graduated (41% of Population).

With Vast Energy Resources (BP Statistic 2015): Ranked #1 in Natural Gas Reserve (34T m3 or 18.3% world) and #4 in Oil reserve (157.8B Brl or 9.3% world) – life of those reserve more than 100 years With Vast Mining Resources: With 1% Population and 7% of Mining Reserve of the world (37B Ton Proven reserve) and a value of 700 B$, Iran is one of the richest countries in the world of mines, holding some 68 types of minerals. These include coal, iron ore, copper, lead, zinc, chromium, barite (6th largest producer), Salt, Gypsum, Molybdenum, Uranium and gold.

Iran Mines are mostly Open-Pit and world class, Like SarCheshmeh in Kerman(1.2 B Ton- Grade 0.7%), or Anguran Zinc mine (remaining grade 9 million ton – grade 35%) in Zanjan, Mehdi Abad Zinc Mine in Yazd (160 million Ton – Grade 2%) , Sangan Iron Ore with a reserve of 1.2 Billion Ton (Ranked as 9th in the world) and Gole Gohar with 1 Billion Ton (Ranked as 10th in the world).

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