Iranian Mines Are Thirsty for Foreign Investment

October. 10 2016

According to Madan 24, The foreign investment should not be limited to technology transfer and contract based works rather we have to focus on direct investment of the foreign investors.

Ebrahim Jamili, Managing Director of Zarrin Madan Asia Holding Company, in an interview Madan 24 (Mine 24) said: “the people dealing in mining sector welcome the foreign investment but it’s unreasonable that the foreign parties try to force us to merely use their contractual works and technology transfer service.”

 He added: “Iran has good potential to attract foreign investment in lead and zinc industries. We can utilize the capabilities of foreign parties.”

Jamili also pointed out: “We had only shadow mine exploration in Iran and need foreign investor for deep mine exploration operations. The Iranian parties should search for capable foreign partners and try to attract them and utilize their capabilities in exploration of minerals, mining operations and processing of minerals.”

The Managing Director of Zarrin Madan Asia Holding Company added: “The Iranian market is thirsty for foreign investment and we have to search for foreign investors in lead and zinc mining just like iron ore and steel industries.

He added: “The capabilities of Iranian mines have not been accurately introduced to the foreign parties; we have had some problems in this sector could not act well.”

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